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Two Numbers Supersized Balloon Foil Set
2 x Supersized Balloon Foil 40''
2 x Latex Balloons Bunch (7pcs)
Floating Balloon, Inflate with Helium Gas

Great way to celebrate a milestone for Birthday's or Anniversary with floating balloons.

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6 英尺气球柱与箔星气球

Product includes : 1 pair of Balloon columns (height 6ft) with 36'' Foil Star

Balloon columns can be placed at entrances to make your event more energetic and welcoming, you can place it on your walkway to guide your guest to destination.


7 x 12'' latex Balloons
1 OR 2 x Foil numbers

Laztes Balloons are inflated with Helium.

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22" 带超大箔的气泡气球

1 x Personalized 22'' Candy Bubble
1 x Tassle
8 x 5'' Latex Balloons
7 x 12'' Latex Balloon
1 x Supersized Foil Balloon

Sticker Color : Black 
Font              : Subject to availability

Floating Balloon, Inflate with Helium Gas


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